Online marketing is very important for businesses.
For online marketing, we first need to clarify who the customers of our products are.
Who are our company’s customers?
Who are the customers of our products?
Usually companies set up a broad customer base.
That shouldn’t be. The customer base should be set as small as possible.
Marketing isn’t just about promoting. It’s not all about advertising on Google and Facebook for online marketing. Marketing is what makes customers happy.
That way, it’s easy to satisfy those customers.
The needs of a small group of customers are very clear.
Then, you can reflect the needs of that clear group in your product planning.
So, in product planning, the most important thing is which group you set up as a customer.
Take shoes as an example. If you take all men in their 40s as customers, it’s really hard to reflect the needs of those customers.
But if you define the customer base as men in their 40s, workers in construction sites, and men in their 40s where safety is the most important…
It makes it very easy to define your requirements.

It is important to carefully plan your product before doing 온라인 마케팅.

Then you need to find a material that can withstand the fall of objects on the construction site.
The design must be structurally resistant to pressure as well. And there are a lot of things like water in the construction site. It must be waterproof.
And the construction site can be slippery. In order to prevent slipping, you should choose a good material for the sole of your shoes. Make sure to create a non-slip shoe sole.
When you narrow down your customer base, it becomes clear like this.
Just “shoes worn by men in their 40s” This is not clear.
Then it is not easy to compete.
To compete, you need to narrow your customers down.
And you need to keep working on that customer. You have to go and see today, go and see tomorrow, and keep researching your customers.
And you have to listen to your customers often. It is best if the person who makes the product is the actual customer base.
And it’s best if the product planner actually has that experience. Even better than that, it’s best if the planner is a real strong consumer of the product.
Because they make products that they were uncomfortable with.
This is the start of online marketing.
Marketing is not difficult. If only customers are set small, marketing becomes clearer.