Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Description of Service

The team of Digital Art of Marketing sincerely believes that while offering the details and the description of the services to the client through emails or phone calls their personal information is safe and secured. The personal information of our clients using our website or obtained while providing services is given a special concern and our team makes sure that the details of our clients are used and shared correctly without any chances of getting forged. If required we may pass your information to a third party if they can better fulfill the need of a service but again there is nothing that will harm you in any manner.

2. Personal information

The personal information is the most important part of our client and yes we try to keep it secure with our best efforts. It consists of your name, email Id, phone number, date of birth, and other needed information is under the control of authorized permission and we never fail to keep it safe. In any way, your user account and password will not be released, distributed, or sell to the third party until you give us access to do so.

We only use your personal information to keep in contact with you regarding the work and its requirements. It may be a national or international client maintaining their personal information accurate and safe is our priority.

In the future, we may use your personal information like email or mobile number to keep you updated with our new services. It helps us to maintain contact with our clients which lead to a healthy relationship between us.

3. Security

Our team is committed to keeping all your information secure and for that; we use suitable electronic and physical procedures. All the information about our client collected is safeguarded with our professionals. And we only use it only when we need market research or customize our services to meet your requirements.

4. Copyright and trademark

All the services that we provide you through our website are accurate and it is the sole services of Digital Art of marketing. The services that we provide to our clients are not allowed to any other third party until we give the written permission. For our national and international clients both, we provide unique services that have our copyright and trademark.

5. The legal rights for our national and international clients

You can easily get access to all your data and also change it if you need to. Our team will help you in the correction of the data and maintaining it safe as it was before. You can ask us for the erasure of all the information you have provided to us and at the same time, you can restrict the transfer of your data to the third party. You can change the requirements of your legal rights at any point in time by simply emailing us.
We care about our clients, staff, and all the other people with whom we deal for providing our digital services and try to maintain the best privacy and security policies for them